Monday, 25 April 2016

Episode 139 - April 23, 2016

Pay's tooth fell out. That was fun.

Feel like an under-achiever? A guy is going to make over $100,000 this year by decorating bananas. You got that right. Bananas.

While you're packing away your fall and winter gear - make sure you do it right! Yes, there are many, many wrong ways to do it. Lifestyle Expert Shoana Jensen joins the show to talk about the best ways to store your clothes and what you can do to save time and money. for getting the most out of your laundry detergent.
Design duo Colin and Justin share their tips for sprucing up your home and where to put your money. Plus, how to make your cabin or cottage a perfect second home.

Would you go to a naked restaurant? If you have a chance to dine in the nude this summer. Tune in for details!

Monday, 18 April 2016

Episode 138 - April 16, 2016

It's tax time and Pay's accountant doesn't think chocolate is a work expense.

The sisters behind the popular cookbooks, Bite Me, and Bite Me Too, join Pay to talk about their latest book, Lick Your Plate.

Julie Albert and Lisa Gnat have been creating recipes and dishes to answer the question, "What's for dinner?" They talk about what makes their recipes easy to follow, working with family, and their favourite meals.

Monday, 11 April 2016

Episode 137 - April 9, 2016

Pay recaps her gluttonous trip out west to British Columbia where it actually FELT like Spring. A food-packed trip to Vancouver and Victoria to sample their delicious offerings and also some quality time with her niece. The girl with the reverse mullet.
Do you like your name? Have you ever wished you had a different name? Writer and author Duana Taha talks about her new book, "The Name Therapist" where she looks into how people feel about their names and the perception we have over unusual or uncommon names Pay and Duana share some of their favourites, including their "Starbucks Name" and what they wanted to change their names to when they were kids.
April 9th was Gin and Tonic Day! Mixologist Colin Turner joins the show to talk about HOW to taste gin (kind of involves chewing), how the G&T came to be and what to expect in different kids of gin.