Monday, 24 February 2014

Episode 42 - February 23, 2014

A special two-hour show!

MasterChef Canada judge and restauranteur Michael Bonacini hangs out in studio to talk about the show and what it's like choosing who stays and who leaves.

Holistic nutritionist Joy McCarthy talks about the connection between what you eat and how well you sleep and feel. Her new book, "Eat and Live Well without Dieting" has great food and nutrition tips.

Top Chef regular and food expert Gail Simmons talks about her experience on the new season of Recipe to Riches and NOW magazine's Sabrina Maddeaux weighs in on the swimsuit issue of Sports Illustrated, featuring...Barbie.

And food trucks might finally be accessible in Toronto. Maybe. Zane Caplansky owns a deli and a food truck and tells us what the issues are that are keeping food trucks from serving.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Episode 41 - February 16, 2014

Entertainment host and producer, Graeme O'Neil joins Pay to chat about bad Valentine's Day experiences and the popularity of "rented boyfriends" overseas. Also, do you feel for the news anchor that mistook Samuel L. Jackson for Lawrence Fishburn during a live TV interview?
Aviva Reimer of Perfect-Fit explains how her fitness club also acts as a dating service. Her matchmaking skills are put to the test during events for singles.
And National Cupcake Day is at the end of the month. Hear how cupcakes can help the SPCA and Humane Societies near you.

Monday, 10 February 2014

Episode 40 - February 9, 2014

Your cab arrives to your destination and gets stuck in a you jump out or wait?
Film critic Thom Ernst joins Pay to rave about a truly awesome movie.
Plus, February is Heart Health Month - Dr. Chris Mohr gives tips on keeping a healthy lifestyle and lowering cholesterol with Cardioviva.
And Pay chats with one of the guys behind Canada's first cat cafe. Would you like to visit a cafe with a dozen cats roaming around?

Monday, 3 February 2014

Episode 39 - February 2, 2014

It's Superbowl Sunday AND Groundhog Day! Pay weighs in on which groundhogs to trust. Chef David Rocco joins the show to talk about his latest show and about the Ultimate Chef's Challege - an event where you can hang out with some of the top chefs in North America.
Dermatologist Dr. Paul Cohen talks about winter skincare and what we're doing wrong. Plus, how to keep our skin in top shape during the cold months.
Winterlicious is upon us - get details on how you can dine at some of the city's best restaurants for a deal.